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Minecraft is an open-world game without a fixed game goal. The main focus is the exploration and discovery of the world of caves and dungeons, as well as building own buildings. The player can mine resources ("mine"), process them to other objects ("craft") and fight monsters.

Bedwars is a minigame within Minecraft. You play on multiplayer servers on the Internet. In a round, there are several teams, all of which have the goal of surviving as the last team. Players can attack each other and kill, but appear again and again - as long as the team still has a bed. The goal is also to destroy the other team's bed, reducing the number of players on the other team. The team that has a player in the round wins.

Open Minecraft, go to "Multiplayer" and then click "Add Server" in the bottom pane. There you enter "" as the "Server Name" and the "Server Address" . Click "Done" to save the entry. Now you can click on the server in the list and start playing the game!


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